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Where to get Travel Vaccines and Consults In Lanham

Our Travel and Vaccines clinic offers advice and preventive care to individuals traveling abroad or within the US according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations.

We furnish prescriptions for the prevention of Malaria, Altitude Illness, and Traveler’s Diarrhea, and we offer vaccines and immunizations for the prevention of the infections you might be at risk of contracting during your travel. Medical advice for patients planning trips abroad must be individualized and based on the most current expert recommendations.

One third of persons who travel abroad experience a travel-related illness, usually diarrhea or an upper respiratory infection. Each year as many as 45 million Americans travel abroad, with about 20 million of them spending time in rural areas or developing countries, locations where the risks of contracting an illness are great. On a typical two-week trip, travelers “lost” an average of three days because of illness. Almost 20 percent of them remained ill after their return home, and 10 percent sought medical care for their illnesses.

According to data from Conde Nast Traveler, each year 25,000 Americans are injured during travel abroad, and 750 Americans are killed in motor vehicle accidents abroad therefore it is wise to get an Insurance Coverage for your trip.

Travel Consult

Patients must know what their medical insurance covers, including medical evacuation if they become sick or are injured overseas. If you need Insurance coverage please .

Special advice is necessary for specific itineraries and activities include cruise ship travel, diving, mass gatherings (e.g. the Hajj), and wilderness/remote regions travel.

In our Travel and Vaccines clinic, the travel medicine consult can be divided into three main topics:

Disease Prevention (vaccination and travel advice).

Wilderness Medicine & Outdoor Recreation Medicine (e.g. high-altitude medicine, cruise ship medicine, expedition medicine, etc.).

Disease Prevention (vaccination and travel advice).

Insurance Medicine and Travel Assistance Medicine (dealing with repatriation and medical treatment of travelers).

Specific Vaccine Requirements for different Countries.

Currently, we offer Travel Consultation Services and Travel Vaccinations primarily to Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia based Residents.

Maryland Urgent Care and Primary Care offers Travel and Vaccine advice preventive care to individuals traveling abroad or within the US. Our Medical Doctors provide a wide array of Travel Medicine Information to our patients. Our Travel and Vaccines Clinic is located in Prince George’s (PG) County, MD . We provide all travel vaccines Including Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Tetanus, MMR, Varicella, Typhoid, Polio, Influenza, Meningitis Hempophilus Influenza, and Polio Vaccines. We also prescribe Malaria Prophylaxis and Treatment as well as Tropical disease Testing and Treatment.

Please call us at: (301) 277-3555 for further information.