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Maryland Primary Care and Urgent Care Clinic

A medical facility of excellent repute, Maryland Primary Care is a one-stop clinic for all those patients who need effective primary and urgent care. It’s a full service medical care clinic which offers an array of services including urgent care, immunization, vaccination, blood tests, travel consulting etc.

Maryland Primary Care has been successfully catering to the varying medical needs of residents in Maryland and Washington DC area. The physicians at the clinic has solved multiple complicated cases for patients from cities like Greenbelt, New carrollton and Lanham. If you are suffering from ailments like diabetes, cardiac problems, hormonal imbalances, kidney diseases or other potential infections, you can head straight to our  clinic and have them expertly diagnosed and treated and maintain the overall well-being of your health.

Meet Dr. Sherif Hassan

The benefit of having an internist as your primary care doctor

Internist (Internal Medicine Physician)

Dr. Hassan is a practicing internist at Maryland Primary Care. He earned his graduate degree from Cairo University Faculty of Medicine in 1988. He has 30 long years of experience as an Internal Medicine physician. Apart from having a medical degree, Dr. Hassan also has to his credit a meticulous Postgraduate Training at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Being an internist, Dr. Hassan possesses the ability to accurately diagnose and effectively treat a multitude of adult diseases.

He is known for his patience while listening to patients, concise explanation of health issues, proficient guidance and unique approach to treating diseases. Patients love to work with Dr. Hassan.

Types of insurance accepted at

Maryland Primary Care and Urgent Care Clinic

At Maryland Urgent Care Clinic, we accept several types of insurance. If you are in need of urgent medical care, you can arrive at our clinic without any kind of worry about hidden surprises. We’re an in-network urgent care center and accept insurance such as:


Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shiled

Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shiled (BCBS)

Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shiled (BCBS)


United Healthcare




World Insurance

And OtherHealth Insurances

For a complete list of the types of insurance that are accepted at our clinic, visit this page. Call (301) 277-3555 to ask about your insurance.

However, do remember to carry with you a valid insurance card and a picture ID to the office when you visit our clinic. Our urgent care center uses an EHR system, practice management software and patient portal help us deliver the best quality of urgent care treatment to all patients.

Types of insurance accepted at

Maryland Primary Care and Urgent Care Clinic



Some Facts

Any concerns where you feel a delay in healthcare may have a significant impact on your healthcare.

Significance of Primary Care

Primary care lends essential support to the healthcare system by providing patients with information and resources for maintaining optimum health. There are numerous primary care clinics and primary care physicians across the US, helping the public improve their lives through quick and effective examination and treatment. Physicians in the field of primary healthcare don’t have specialization in treating a particular system or organ of the body, but rather they carry broad knowledge of the entire body and its various systems as a whole. They provide medical solutions and advice to a number of physical and psychological diseases. Primary care physicians often recommend changes in a patient’s lifestyle as preventive care.

Primary care exists to make medical care easily accessible to the public. Primary care physicians take a holistic approach and focus on treating the entire body of a person. They can quickly detect various health issues and provide treatment so that these issues don’t turn into life-threatening conditions.

At Maryland Primary Care too, physicians pursue the same goal of helping patients live a healthy, disease-free life.

at Maryland Primary Care

Primary Cares

Step into our clinic for

Abdominal Pain

We cover any lab tests include

Blood Test

Our Walk-In Clinic for

Minor Injury

We help patients:

At a primary care clinic, physicians examine a patient’s health condition, identify the natural causes and then recommend the best treatment in every case. Most importantly, physicians follow up with patients to keep track of the improvements and offer ongoing advice for the overall well-being of health. A crucial part of a primary care physician’s task is to refer patients to specialists, if required.

Primary care clinics do an excellent job of lessening the burden of the healthcare system. This is because when patients can get treated for most diseases at a primary care clinic, the number of hospitalizations come down and the need for secondary and tertiary medical services reduces. The demand for more primary care physicians is increasing because more and more patients are looking for primary care and they want it delivered faster as well.

A primary care clinic has a number of medical practitioners who may include primary care physicians, family practice doctors, internal medicine doctors, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, obstetrician, gynecologists and geriatrician among others. Each of these has wide knowledge about common human diseases and health conditions. All these professionals work in close contact as a team.

The relationship between a patient and a primary care physician is of great importance. A primary care physician is a patient’s gateway to the healthcare system. Unless the patient feels comfortable talking to the physician, the outcome for the patient will not be fully optimal. Therefore, both the physician and the patient should be able to talk freely and discuss the details or the complexities of a case with each other without any hesitation. The patient should feel confident enough and heed to the advise of the primary care physician they work with.

Dr. Hassan is one primary care physician about whom patients have left raving reviews on Google. Every patient he works with likes his way of interacting, listening to issues and explaining the details. Once you have met Dr. Hassan yourself, you’ll know why he’s the right kind of doctor to work with.

Why Choose Our

Urgent Care Center

At Maryland Primary Care, you can avail yourself of urgent or immediate non-emergency medical care. Along with his dedicated team , Dr. Hassan always ensures that your concerns are properly addressed. He thoroughly examines patients and gets to the root of a health condition before prescribing medications. While at his clinic, you can be sure that you’ll receive the most effective urgent care treatment for your specific problems or complications.

The US has around 7,400 urgent care centers – and counting. When you’re faced with a health issue all of sudden and it’s not a real emergency, heading to an urgent care clinic is a good decision. Urgent care clinics are known for offering quality diagnosis and treatment at an affordable cost.

Our urgent care center has a convenient location. So, whether you’re coming from Maryland or Washington DC, our clinic is just a brief car ride away. When choosing an urgent care center, location is a prime concern so that you don’t have to travel for hours before reaching it. Patients from cities like Greenbelt, New Carrollton and Lanham can get to our medical center within minutes.

If your health condition is not life-threatening, getting treatment at our urgent care center means you’ll save a lot of money. In fact, cost saving is one big reason why a lot of people are attracted to urgent care centers.

For non-emergency medical care, going to a hospital isn’t a high recommend because it often means waiting for hours and spending more that you will at an urgent care center. Recent surveys reveal that most millennials prefer going to urgent care centers over getting hospitalized for non-emergency treatments. This is mostly due to the cost factor; the average cost of getting treated at an urgent care center is just $155 whereas traditional medical channels are a lot more expensive. If you want to receive quality treatment at an affordable cost, you should definitely head to our urgent care center and recommend us to your family and friends too.

Before you head to an urgent care center, it’s important to find out whether they accept your insurance. Visiting one that has tie-ups and agreed upon a rate means you’ll wind up paying less. However, be informed that not every urgent care center has this kind of arrangement for insurance. If you go to an urgent care center that doesn’t accept your insurance, the heavy medical bill will baffle you. 

About Our


Maryland Primary Care and Urgent Care clinic provides quality medical care. If you have health issues which need immediate attention, any delay in this regard could aggravate the problem and impact your health in the long term. If you’re residing in any area of Maryland and Washington DC, our clinic is only a few minutes away. Visit our office and start your journey to improved health and life.

Dr. Hassan and his team can quickly address a wide variety of your medical needs. If you are experiencing symptoms of a common or potential illness, you can receive proper diagnosis and treatment at our clinic. For conditions like abdominal pain, UTIs, fever, cough and cold, sinus infection and minor injury, you can step into our clinic feeling confident that you’ll be thoroughly examined and treated at our primary and urgent care clinic, which is located in Lanham.

Our specializations include primary care, travel immunization, travel vaccines, detailed physical examination, Sleep studies, blood tests etc. We also offer immigration physicals (INS, USCIS exams).

USCIS Exams Maryland

Maryland Primary Care and Urgent Care Clinics

Travel clinic

Dr. Sherif strives to serve the community as a whole with his travel clinic. Physical exams, preventative care advice, and vaccines may be obtained for patients of all ages through our Maryland travel clinic. However, for referrals and more in-depth health care, call now to become a regular patient for one of the best Maryland primary care physicians.

Services Offered by our

Dr. Sherif and his team help candidates for US residency and citizenship obtain the required physical exam, outstanding vaccinations, and TB tests. Contact our office to book an appointment in time for the completion of your application.


Prescriptions are refilled quickly and easily.


Dr. Sherif will gladly order the blood panel tests needed to get to the bottom of your physical ailments.


Walk-In Clinic [Same-Day Appointments Available]

For patients who need immediate medical care or are faced with time-sensitive issues, our clinic offers walk-in facility. If your illness or injury is serious or you want to receive travel vaccination or require physicals for work or you need an USCIS-related appointments immediately, you can book same-day appointments and walk into our clinic quickly while saving yourself a lot of time in the process. Our team of physician are always ready to give your specific case immediate attention.

Tips to Follow

Before You Make an Urgent Care Visit

Before you visit our clinic for urgent medical care, we want you to do a bit of preparation so that there’s no unnecessary delay in the treatment and you receive the best care from our physicians and staff.

Though we accept a broad range of health insurance, we suggest you know about your insurance policy in advance. You can give our office a call anytime and gather complete information in regard to the same. If you are a candidate for urgent medical care, you’re likely to be exhausted emotionally too. So, it’s a good idea to have someone accompany you to our clinic. A family member or a friend can drive you to the clinic as well as give you some reassurance when you need it most.

Most importantly, don’t forget to bring your recent medical records. This will be required by our physicians in order to provide you the most effective medical care. We’ll need to know these in particular: medications you are currently taking, history of your allergies, your current health condition, information on medical procedures you have gone through in the past and your insurance coverage. You can produce these either in electronic or hard copy form at the time of your visit.

We also suggest that you think of the questions you want to ask beforehand. It’s easy to forget asking something important unless you have written it down. So, put everything you want to enquire about on paper before you step into our urgent care center. This will save both you and us some valuable time.

Obviously, your treatment isn’t over after you have left our urgent care center. Now, it is crucial to make sure that you follow up with our physicians and doctors for ongoing advice until you are fully cured of your health condition. Dr. Hassan and his excellent team are always at your service, and all you need to do is pay attention to what they prescribe and follow their advice.

To fix an appointment with Dr. Hassan and his team of medical practitioners, get in touch with our office right away.

Call: (301) 277-3555.

Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday, from 8AM to 5PM. For a detailed schedule of our Holiday schedule, click here.

Client's Reviews on Google:

Dr. Hassan is very knowledgeable. He spent time with me listening to what the issues I am complaining about. He conducted a thorough examination and provided me with comprehensive explanation.
Atef Hassan
Discovered this place by accident when I fell ill and wanted to be seen first thing in the morning. Was in and out within 30 minutes. I know now whom I choose to be my PCP. This Place for Sure
Robert Saldana
Was seen by Dr. Hassan for a Travel Consult as I was Traveling to Brazil. I did not only receive outstanding service but had an Educational Experience about Vaccines and why I should get this and not that. A must do visit if you are traveling and want to safeguard yourself
John Jeff


Primary Health Services In Medical Clinic In Greenbelt, New Carrollton, Lanham Physical examination from the age of 6 months and older.


United State Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) Medical Exams and INS Physicals Dr.


Vaccination and Immunization Services In Maryland Primary Care Maryland Urgent Care & Primary Care is a Center for Disease Control (CDC) 

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